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How to Configure Blog on Home Page

How to Add a New Post in WordPressClick Here to Add New Post

Go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Frontpage Sections >> Blog.

Blog Options:

  • Enable/Disable – This Feature allows you to Hide/Show Blog section on the homepage.
  • Blog Layout: We have also provided two unique Blog layout variations. So you can select any one Blog Layout showcase.
  • Section Title: Add Title of the Blog Section.
  • Section Description: Add your Description of the Blog Section.
  • Blog Category: Select your blog post category as you want to display post on Homepage Blog Section.
  • Rearrange the order: Using this option you can change the order of blog content.
  • Column Layout: Display the blog Layout 2, 3, and 4 Columns.
  • Container Width: We have provided the Homepage Blog section width in two modes Container and Container-Full. You can select your desired container width as per the requirement.