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How to Add Services

Go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Frontpage Sections >> Service.

Service Options:

  • Service Enable/Disable – This option allows you to Hide/Show the service section on the homepage.
  • Service Layouts: We have provided three uniques service layouts. So you can also select any one service layout for your services showcase.
  • Section Title: Add your Main title of the Service Section.
  • Section Description: Description of the Service Section.
  • Service Items Content: It will allow you to add the service content like Image, Icon, Title, Description, Read More Button, and Service Link, etc. You can also display the service Image instead of the icon.
  • Column Layout: You can show the service items in 2, 3, and 4 column layout.
  • Container Width: We have provided Service section width in two modes Container and Container-Full. You can select your desired container width as per the need.